SpeedMount for RED DSMC2 Cameras

Speed up your DSMC2 with the new SpeedMount for RED cameras ABT cine and Hanse Inno Tech are going to present the SpeedMount for RED DSMC2 at IBC 2017 Everybody who followed threads at reduser.net on a regular basis or is a member of Facebook groups such as red epic-w or red scarlet-w has probably […]

Hanse Inno Tech – Celere 36mm HS uncoated „B“

Hanse Inno Tech – Celere 36mm HS uncoated “B”

Hanse Inno Tech GmbH sent us one of their four different Celere HS 36mm uncoated prototypes. Since uncoated lenses aren’t supposed to excel at sharpness or flare resistance, we decided to make a rather unscientific test. This was a run-and-gun shoot with the purpose to test the contre-jour performance and the look of the lens […]

Theater Company Laut & Lyrik lit-up with the Fiilex K416 Light Kit

The Challenge: creating a light set-up to shoot photos of a group of twelve performing and moving actors and single portraits of each of them in front of black background in a short time slot. Equipment: Fiilex K416 Light Kit, 210cm diameter octagon softbox, RED Scarlet Dragon, rehoused Sigma Art 18-35mm T2 and 50mm T1.6.

Tutorial: How to Prepare a Beer Bottle for Product Photos and Packshots


Staging a beer bottle (or any other drink) for photo or video, especially for commercial purposes, requires lots of work and preparation. It’s kind of a cosmetic treatment to turn an averagely looking swing-top beer bottle into an awesome looking drink which you instantly desire when you see the photo. Here’s a short tutorial how […]

Hanse Inno Tech’s BNC Easy Click

Once a BNC connector is plugged in properly, it fits tight and solid, which is rather nice. But as soon as you have to plug and unplug the connector several times a day, this procedure starts getting annoying. Many cameras’ HD-SDI outputs are located in quite safe but hard-to-reach places, especially when the camera is […]

RED’s H2O OLPF, ewa marine’s underwater housing and HIT’s new Celere 25mm T1.5 prototype lens

There’s something special about underwater footage that’s hard to explain: we all have seen underwater footage over and over on National Geographic TV and with the rise of GoPro cameras, the technology is in everyone’s hands. Still there’s this fascination when you watch underwater footage, especially the footage that you shot yourself on a RED […]

GL optics 50mm f1.4 based on the Sigma ART

After reading so much about the amazing optical quality of the new Sigma ART 50mm f1.4 lens, I was thrilled to get today the rehoused version by GL optics. It’s unnecessary to write about the optical quality, since there are already so many great reviews of this lens – see DXOmark and dpreview.