Hanse Inno Tech – Celere 36mm HS uncoated „B“

Hanse Inno Tech – Celere 36mm HS uncoated “B”

Hanse Inno Tech GmbH sent us one of their four different Celere HS 36mm uncoated prototypes. Since uncoated lenses aren’t supposed to excel at sharpness or flare resistance, we decided to make a rather unscientific test. This was a run-and-gun shoot with the purpose to test the contre-jour performance and the look of the lens flares. Also, we wanted to enjoy the last days of summer!

Hanse Inno Tech made four different uncoated prototypes of the Celere HS 36mm. Some uncoated lenses, contrary to their name, still do have coatings to protect the glass or to increase the T-stop of the lens. We got the only uncoated version without any coating left on the front element.

Everything was shot at T1.5 except for the underwater sequence which was shot at T16 with an ewa-marine RED housing. On most daylight shots, we used Schneider-Kreuznach CINE ND filters (.9-1.5) with our Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom mattebox.

The film was shown at the Cinec convention where all uncoated lens prototypes were available for comparing them on two identical RED cameras that were hooked into an OSEE XCM240 reference monitor.

After getting lots of feedback at Cinec2016, Hanse Inno Tech announced that Type B – which was used to shoot this clip – will go into production and will be available soon. The front element is user replaceable so that you can swap them with the regular „Leica-style“ or the upcoming „Cooke-style“ front elements.

Please contact us for further Information or if you are interested in R3D files. You can of course also test the lens yourself at our office!

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  1. Viola Evang sagt:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the compliment! The uncoated lenses are not listed in our store yet, but they will be as soon as they are available for sale. If you already own a set of standard Celere HS lenses, you can purchase the uncoated front elements in addition to your set. They do not only cover S35 but even full frame. If you have any further questions, please feel free to use our contact form:

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